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Amulet of Crots

The Amulet of Crots is a short adventure game based on solving various puzzles and riddles. By finding solutions to those you will see development of adventurous story that will take you to remarkable places and let you meet interesting characters.

You will take on the role of young lord Marcus Thorn. For instance you will visit dismal monastery, imposing kingdom or mystical land of Crots. Your task will be to find fabled amulet so you can save you father from the evil king Esmund.

Key features:

  • 17 miscellaneous puzzles
  • 18 interesting characters
  • Gripping and thematic music
  • Adventurous and suspenseful story
  • Wonderful drawings supplementing the story


altar cryptex sign of ancestors treasury gatekeeper cross cards story story

List of changes:

    Amulet of Crots - version 1.1


  • Added new ingame menu
  • Added option to skip the storytelling
  • Added test records into volume settings
  • Opening logos can now be skipped with keys [esc], [space] and [enter]
  • bug fixes:

  • High resolution of computer could have caused crash in setting resolution
  • Position of the arrow back hasn't been updated after changing the resolution
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Graphics and coding: Štěpán Wűnsch